What Is Spiritual Mind Treatment

Spiritual Mind Treatment is an Affirmative Prayer.  It requires of us the persistence to think in ways that will naturally, lawfully, create what we desire.  It’s praying the way Jesus of Nazareth prayed; it’s praying as the Buddha prayed.  It’s using the spiritual laws of this Universe to unfold in our lives the experience we desire.  Once you know more about these Universal laws, it’s simple to practice using them.  And they can be summed up like this: It is done unto you as you believe.  Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative prayer, then, is about shifting our belief.  The steps below have long been recognized as parts of the recipe for a change in consciousness.  Each step is an ingredient for change, but keep in mind that the master chef always feels free to experiment!  The best way to pray is the way that helps you feel connected with Spirit.

What do you want?

This is the first thing to decide.  In order for the Universal Intelligence to know how to flow through you, it has to know what you want.  It cannot know until you do.

Resolve things into thought.

Think about your desire.  What are the qualities of what you desire?  In other words if you had it, how would you feel?  How would you be? Yes, you may want the thing but for the Law to work for you must effectively, you need to know what’s behind the thing.  

For example, if you wanted a new car, why?  Reliable transportation may translate into a feeling of being safe, secure, and supported.  Greater Luxury might resolve into an experience of Life’s true nature because the real nature of life is abundant wealth!  Just because you need your own transportation may translate into freedom of movement, and so on.

Recognition: remind yourself of the nature of Life/ God/ Spirit.

This is the main ingredient in affirmative prayer: recognition.  You must know what the nature of God is before going further.  If, for example, you used to believe that God was an angry, vengeful God, now is the time to remind yourself of the greater truth.  Remind yourself of the lawful and loving nature of God.

Unification: remind yourself that you come from Life/ God/ Spirit.

If God exists and is everything good and wonderful, but you’re on the outside looking in, why even bother to pray?  Remind yourself that God is the source and the creator of everything.  Including you including your desire.  This is another crucial ingredient in affirmative prayer.

Realization: know that life already is the thing or experience you want.

If you can desire it, imagine it, picture it, it must exist in Mind.  Otherwise, where did you get the idea?  Remember the first premise of Religious Science is that there exists a fundamental Unity.  There’s no place other than Mind to get your idea.  For a truly effective prayer treatment, you want to keep contemplating spirit’s nature as your own; when you nave an inner feeling of “YES”, that's when the realization arrives.  When you open your eyes, your desire may not be sitting on the floor in front of you, but don’t be fooled,,, Mind is already at work unfolding it.

If doubts arise...

Don’t just turn away.  Face them! Speak the truth about what you re fearing will or will not happen... for example, if you feel you could never afford a new car, you might say, “Infinite Mind has given me this desire and along with it everything I need to let the power of law flow through me, manifesting my desire in perfection and joy.  God IS supply; God IS wealth, so there is nothing to fear... because God is right where I am”.

Thanksgiving: know that what you desire is yours.

It is important to give thanks, because it acknowledges already having received the thing you desire.  This is the “already having received” attitude that adds fuel to the fire of your affirmative prayer treatment.  This is why you have to know how you would feel if you had what you want right now.

Release: and so it is.

Letting go is a crucial step.  When you’re done, your mind should be at peace, clear, unafraid, and watchful for signs of your desire showing up without becoming obsessive about it!  LET the Law work through you and make your desire a physical reality!Type your paragraph here.