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Stress and Physical Activity 

Friday, July 14th at 7 PM
Science of Mind Center
Seating is Limited, Arrive Early! 


A Community Outreach Presentation.  There is No Charge for this Lecture. Donations are appreciated.

Humans have been dealing with stress forever. Unfortunately, over time humans have created additional, new stressors that our body is not used to nor is it used to the chronic nature of these stressors. Moody? Lethargic? Weight gain or hard time losing weight? Always need that cup of coffee in the morning or perhaps that extra one midday? These are probably signs that you are having a hard time adjusting to the daily stress. What most people may not know is physical activity and exercise can greatly help you handle these stressors and heal your body from the lifelong stress you’ve been dealing with. Curious? Please join us July 14th at 7 P.M.  where Jeffrey Ing will be giving a lecture on stress and the benefits of physical activity in reducing the harmful effects of daily stressors.

​Jeffrey Ing Jr. is a certified personal trainer and nutritional consultant. He attended Stony Brook University graduating with dual bachelor’s degrees in psychology and anthropology. From there he went on to Southern New Hampshire University where he graduated with a master’s of science in psychology, his final thesis proposal on the effects of sugar over-consumption on cognition, brain degeneration and the gut-brain axis. He has been studying the convergence of psychology, nutrition and human biology for 13 years. Outside of professional life he lives with is fiance in Rensselaer, NY. He is an avid hunter, forager, and primitive skills enthusiast.
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